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WelcomHeritage Koolwal Kothi, Nawalgarh

The city of Nawalgarh was founded by Nawalsingh, the forth of the five brothers in 1737 AD on an existing village of Kaimkhanis. Nawalgarh is one of the Heritage cities of Rajasthan. It is situated in the geographically well-defined region of Shekhawati known as open gallery museum of India and lies as a triangle between Delhi Jaipur and Bikaner. It comparises of two districts of Jhunjunu and Sikar and lies about 280 kms from Delhi and 175 kms from Jaipur. The name derives from Rao Shekha, a baron of the Kachhawaha clan of Rajput related to the rulers of Jaipur. Shekha conquered and held considerable territories in this part of Rajasthan in 15th century.
By 1738, it became again came under the control of Jaipur state due to their association with the Mughals. By 1831 Shekhawati had again become restless and fallen out of Japiur’s hand and by the 1837 was under the firm control of the British. With this came the time of stability and raise of the new merchant class the ‘Marwaris’. The Shekhawati Marwaris were known to trade in quality at very low mark ups, however it added to the volumes and obviously their profits rose. Gigantic mansions or havelis are testimony to the business acumen of a community that was always able, by its timely moves, to amass substantial fortunes. Even when the trade rivalry with the British had pushed the Marwaris from Shekhawati to the port towns of Calcutta and Bombay, they never cease to think of Shekhawati as their home land. And this explains the enormous structures raised in nostalgia with nouveau riche pride.
Kothi was built by the late Shri Anandilal Hemraj Koolwal in the year 1934. The legacy of Anandilal Hemraji lives on inside the exquisitely designed Haveli and Kothis. He not only made these Havelis but also constructed Dharamshalas Hospitals, Rest houses for the needy and also donated a lot of wealth for charity

Amenities in WelcomHeritage Koolwal Kothi, Nawalgarh :

24 hours Hot and Cold water is available in all the rooms, 24 Hour Room Service, Credit Card Accepted, TV/Telephone in all rooms.

Contact Details : WelcomHeritage Koolwal Kothi, Nawalgarh

House No. 40, Govt. Hospital Road, Nawalgarh,
Rajasthan, India – 333 042
Tel: (91) (1594) 225817, Fax: (91) (1594) 225818
Email: holidays@welcomheritagehotels.com

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