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WelcomHeritage Bal Samand Lake Palace, Jodhpur

Jodhpur, erstwhile capital of the kingdom of Marwar, had a chequered history replete with tales of valour and strife, romance and culture.
The city was founded by Rao Jodha, Chief of the Rathore clan of the Rajputs in 1459 who shifted there from Mandore. He built the first structure of the majestic Mehrangarh Fort, towering over the city from atop a 150m cliff, which several generations added to, making the Fort a sprawling edifice that grew in size and stature over time. Rao Jodha also fortified the old city which is surrounded by a 10 km high stone wall along with eight gates.
In the early 16th century, Rao Jodha’s descendant, Rao Ganga Singh and Rana Sangha, the great warrior king of Marwar were enjoined in a battle against the invading Mughal Emperor Babar. While this and many other battles and skirmishes continued over successive years, a tentative truce was called during the reign of Babur’s grandson Akbar.

While its location in the trade routes made it a major trading centre in the 16th century, present-day Jodhpur is best known for the skills it honed and retained in its textile, crafts and furniture traditions.

Amenities in WelcomHeritage Bal Samand Lake Palace, Jodhpur :

10 Regal Suites, Air Conditioned Suites, Direct Dialing Facilities, Television with Satellite Channels, Mini Fridge, Laundry, Internet, Fax, Safety Lockers, Money Exchange,Credit Card, Doctor On Call, Car Hire Services, Travel Assistance, 24 Hrs Room Service.

Contact Details : WelcomHeritage Bal Samand Lake Palace, Jodhpur

WelcomHeritage Bal Samand Lake Palace
Mandore Road, Jodhpur,
Rajasthan, India – 2345 7891
Tel: (91) (291) 2572321-27,
Fax: (91) (291) 2571240
Email: holidays@welcomheritagehotels.com

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