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Utkarsh Vilas Hotel Agra

Enjoy the luxury of your own private view of the greatest monument to love. Wake up to the glorious sight of the Taj, bathed by the first rays of dawn. Watch her sparkle by day as the sun shines on her architectural perfection. Allow yourself to be swept away by her romance at dusk. Let the nights be filled with the magic of the Taj by moonlight.The Utkarsh Vilas is located 1 Kilometer from the Taj Mahal. An interlude at The Utkarsh Vilas is truly unforgettable. Richly detailed interiors are perfectly complemented by a choice of international and Indian cuisine. Allow yourself to be treated like royalty at the Spa, with therapies designed to rejuvenate body and soul. Enriched by the royal service makes an interlude at The Utkarsh Vilas exclusive and unforgettable.

Contact Details : Utkarsh Vilas Hotel  Agra

Opp. TDI Mall, Fatehabad Road,
Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282001
Phone : +91 94140233378 , +91 09837001210
Email : sales@utkarshvilas.com

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