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The Dukes Retreat, Khandala

On the edge of a 500 ft cliff overlooking the entire Khandala Ghat, surrounded by hills and waterfalls, is the expansive and luxurious Dukes Retreat. This premier three star resort with five star amenities in Khandala boasts breathtaking view as well as warm hospitality and best in class services that can be enjoyed in a friendly and relaxing environment.

Dukes Retreat, which is managed by Keys Hotels, Resorts & Apartments, gets it name from ‘Dukes Nose’, a majestic cliff on the Sahyadri range of mountains facing the hotel. Its naming goes back to the British Regime, when Khandala was a haven for the British Governors. Dukes Nose was so named after the Duke of Wellington who spent his holidays in Khandala. When observed with a wink, the cliff looks like the Duke is lying back and taking a nap. However, the locals call the cliff ‘Nagfani’ because of its resemblance to the hood of cobra.

Conveniently located at 100 km from Mumbai, 65 km from Pune, 15 minutes drive from the popular Lonavala and 2 km from nearest railhead Khandala, Dukes Retreat is a favoured destination for weekend getaways, conferences and weddings.

Situated 1850 ft. above sea level across 9 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, nestled among waterfalls, nature trails and winding forest paths and surrounded by the Western Ghats, in addition to warm and friendly staff, you can expect to find 80 finely appointed rooms (all double occupancy) equipped with modern amenities and meticulously planned

Contact Details : The Dukes Retreat, Khandala

Pune Mumbai Road
Khandala, Lonavala 410 301
Tele Phone : 02114 – 269201 upto 208
Fax: 02114- 269210
Email: dukes@pn2.vsnl.net.in

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