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Hotel Vasundhara Palace Rishikesh

Vasundhara Palace property is centrally located for the discerning traveler. Since the doors of Vasundhara Palace opened, guests have been experiencing the finest, custom -tailored care in an atmosphere of quiet luxury. Unparalleled standards of hospitality Exquisite design Enviable address.

Vasundhara Palace is located in the city of saints popularly Known as Rishikesh, a well sought, destination where even the world fame rock group Beatles visited. It is designed very tastefully blending the taste of Indian and foreign guest for a nice, comfortable, spiritual and enjoyable stay.

Vasundhara Palace is surrounded by world renowned ancient temples and ashrams in the North West and the holy river Ganges in the South East.

Vasundhara Place Literally meaning Earth is derived from epic Puranas. Lord Bharhma, the make of Universe had chosen earth among all heavenly body as a dwellment of mankin.

Earth by virtue of being blessed by the panch tatwa such as space, air, fire, water & earth for the progress of mankind. Being inspired by this, the name of Vasundhara Palace was adopted for visiting tourist to experience peace, solace and tranquility in the city of saints on the bank’s of Maa Ganga.

Contact Details : Hotel Vasundhara Palace Rishikesh

Kailash Gate, Muni-Ki-Reti,
Rishikesh-249192 (Uttarakhand) India
Phone no. : 91+ 135 + 2442345
Mobile : 9927032032
Fax : 2442338
E-mail : hotelvasundhara@hotmail.com

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