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Hotel Sonar Bangla, Tarapith

Welcome to the land of Goddess Tara, where your mornings start with the jingling of bells and the air smells of the holy sticks. Named after the Goddess Tara, Tarapith has now become one of the most acclaimed pilgrimages in West Bengal. The very air enthuses one to search within for the eternal happiness, while feeling the imminent blessed feeling living under the roof of Goddess Tara.
We, at Hotel Sonar Bangla, focus on furthering your spiritual journey by offering acres of greens and flowers, making for a serene environment, along with the best of the services available. Tradition and luxury make the very description of hotel sonar bangla, tarapith.
Tarapith (also known by its old name of Chandipur) is situated on the banks of river Dwaraka and is situated in the district of Birbhum, West Bengal. The nearest airport is in Kolkata, while Kolkata is 280 kms from Tarapith. Rampurhat makes for the nearest Railway Station and is located just 7 kms from Tarapith. Well connected by road from all parts of Bengal, Tarapith is a joy when visited, especially to the ones nursing a religious soul.

Contact Details : Hotel Sonar Bangla, Tarapith

Tarapith. Dist:: Birbhum.
Phone :: (03461) 253827 / 253128 / 253199 / 253199.
+91 9732127224.
E-mail : reservation@hotelsonarbangla.com

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