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Hotel Sinclairs Bayview, Port Blair

Port Blair, the capital city of the Andaman Islands, consisting of more than 572 islands and islets is spread over 8,249 sq kms of the Indian Ocean. It’s that rare phenomenon:an unspoilt beach resort, whose principal attractions are the clear sapphire waters of the sea, the golden shores, the breathtaking coral formations, the flora and fauna, the endlessly fascinating marine life and the native people.

More than 90% of the islands are dense forests and the bright green of the tropical vegetation gives the islands an emerald glow. The rustle of salt-laden winds through the coconut trees, the rush and murmur of the ceaseless waves, the rich melodies of birdsong‚Ķ are all that disturb nature’s tranquility.

Contact Details : Hotel Sinclairs Bayview, Port Blair

South Point, Port Blair
Andaman Islands 744106
Telephone : (03192) 227824 / 227937

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