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Hotel Porcupine Castle Coorg

Coorg or Kodagu is a tiny district in the southwest of India’s Karnataka State in South India. The Western Ghat mountains cleaves the district into a series of hills, the highest rising over 1200 metres.

The earliest mention of Coorg is found in the Tamil Sangam literature of the 2nd century AD. Historians have pondered over whether the origins of the Coorg were Greek, Arab or Roman but no evidence has been conclusive.

Amenities in Hotel Porcupine Castle Coorg :

The Porcupine Castle is straddled by a 300 acre coffee and spices estate and perched atop a hill. The views from Drango, the Restaurant is spectacular providing as it were, a 360o panorama.

This is the place for nature worshippers, honeymooners, families and indeed the overworked executive. You simply return to your natural self here whilst enjoying the mystique and beauty of a secluded and pure milieu.

As one drinks in the view, one may catch a glimpse of the rare and majestic Serpent Eagle or the equally rare Draco – a winged, flying lizard. The Resort is girdled by a swath of fields and forests that fade into blue haze mountains. The weather is delightfully tempestuous but thoroughly enjoyable. Even when it rains!

Eleven Chalets and a tree house (we call it ‘The Nest’)along the hill offer panoramic views. Each dwelling accords city like luxury so you never feel far from home.

Pathways to and from the Chalets have a delightful mix of over 26 varieties of bamboo (both native and imported) and a colourful spray of lantana. In season, myriad butterflies in striking colours flit in social whim while the darting and chatter of birds provide a symphonic ochestra no human can match. The silence that reigns here is supreme, save the chatter and the whistling of the wind.

Contact Details : Hotel Porcupine Castle Coorg

Hanchikad, Pollibetta, Coorg – 571 215
Tel:  +91 93791 522574
E-mail : info@porcupinecastle.com

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