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Hotel Indraprastha, Palakkad

This ancient fort town, which was once a beautiful stretch of forest covered with sweet scented flowers of the Pala (Alsteria Scholaris) tree is the Gateway to Kerala, God’s own country. Also called the “Granary of Kerala” thanks to its endless paddy fields, Palakkad is also home to a host of rivers, dams and beautiful temples. Situated at the foot of theWestern Ghats, Palakkad plays host to a variety of festivals and art forms that are unique and fascinating. Except for the fact that there are no beaches or sea coasts in Palakkad, the life and culture here is a representation of the life style of Kerala as a whole. There is more to Palakkad’s history, culture, arts and a distinctive cuisine apart from its scenic beauty that qualifies it for a preferred destination.

Reception & Lobby

Pleasant smiles will greet you at our reception to bid you a warm welcome. Apart from their normal functions our reception counter offers you services like Foreign exchange facilities, Safe deposit lockers, Internet browsing and Travel assistance.

The Coffee Shop

Vegetarians, we understand your heart better than any one else. Coffee shop is our exclusive vegetarian restaurant with a separate kitchen to serve any thing that is vegetarian. Built with a touch of the traditional Keralite architecture, to make you feel at home.

The Bar

When it is time to relax, there is no place in Palakkad like our cozy and relaxing bar. We serve you with a variety of alcoholic beverages and cocktails, and you can feel them oozing down your throat as you relax.

The Restaurant

We believe, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and we work hard to win your hearts. Our multi-cuisine restaurant can boast of a menu with Chinese, Continental, Tandoori and Indian dishes. The homely atmosphere and the delicate treatment from an icing on the cake.


With a hot tropical climate. it is often a professional hazard for the hotel people of the town to provide a livable atmosphere for their guests. That is not the case with us. We provide you with state-of-art air conditioned rooms and suites with all the associated luxuries, and that may be one of the reasons why many of our guests keep coming back quite frequently.

Conference Hall

Organizations on the look out for a place to host their events and business meetings can choose from our two conferences halls with seating capacities ranging from 50 to 150 people and you can be sure your delegates will enjoy the time they spend here.

The Lawn Service

And for those who love to live in symphony with nature, we have our special lawn service in the evenings where you can spend the whole evening with the stars shining brightly over your heads.

Contact Details: Hotel Indraprastha Palakkad

English Church Road,  Palakkad-678 001.
Phone: +91491 2534641
Fax: +91491 2539531.

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