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Hotel Chandermukhi Manali

Kullu, the valley of Gods is studded with the captivating scenes, snowy ranges, icy streams, mossy meadows, wooded slope is nestled in the lap of mighty Himalayas. The gushing & rushing river Beas spreading its wings in its heart depicting the story of its loveliness. Dussehra festival, a journey of the Gods for a week long vacations in colourful palanquins in the month of October along with their escorts from every corner of the region to the seat of reigning deity Ragunatha just to pay homage is celebrated in a different note comparing to the plains.  Unbelievable magical union & dancing of Gods on the mountain music is the research issue to the aliens & also the hot spot of the culture lovers. Cheerful &hospitable residents act perfect host to the travellers.

At its northern end lies a little nugget, where the sage Manu landed his celestial boat of civilization after deluge & penned Manu Samriti in some way relevant even today reflects its beauty.   It was temporary home of the Pandvas further substantiate its  seclusion, sacredness,& serenity. The great Russian painter, philosopher & thinker too bewitched by the scintillating beauty of the nature &  made his permanent home at Naggar only thirty minutes drive to its southern part where the replication of beauty of Himalaya painted with the nature paint only till the last dose of breathing air. It also fascinated first ruler of independent India, Pt. Nehru & icon of political class  Bajpayee too chose the little jewel as summer retreat, narrates the story how beautiful this place!

Contact Details : Hotel Chandermukhi Manali

Hotel Chandermukhi
NH-21, Rangri, Manali, Distt.
Kullu (HP) India 175131
Ph  : 01902-253279/253879
Fax: 01902-253047
Email: hotelchandermukhi@yahoo.com
Email: info@hotelchandermukhi.com

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