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Coorg Karishma Homestay, Coorg

Coorg (also known as Kodagu) is a place said to haunt you forever with its timeless beauty. It is popularly dubbed as “Southern Kashmir” and “Scotland of India”.
The name “Kodagu” is derived from the local name “Kodavu” and the people of Kodagu, who are known as Kodavas. However, there are many stories explaining the origin of the name. According to the Puranas for instance, the land of initial settlement was called “Krodadesha” which later became “Kodagu”.
“Coorg Karishma” is located 20 kms away from Mercara (Madikeri) . It is nestled in a Coorg coffee estate away from the maddening crowd and in the middle of greenery, with trees swaying, birds chirping and the soothing tranquility touching your heart.
The hosts, the Palanganda Medappa family, are very warm and cordial people with interests in hospitality and nature. While the wife (Mrs. Smitha Medappa) looks after the house and garden the husband (Mr. Medappa) is an avid naturalist and has great enthusiasm for crafting drift-wood sculptures , besides being a typical Coorg farmer. He grows, coffee, pepper, cardamom, areca nut, paddy and bananas in his estate.
“Coorg Karishma” – Homestay | Cottage is located amidst a lush green coffee estate with two comfortable bedrooms and attached, spacious, hygienic bathrooms. It is airy and bright with natural daylight seeping in. The cottage has an open dining area which overlooks the garden.

Facilities in Coorg Karishma Homestay, Coorg

Food at “Coorg Karishma”:
Coorg presents some of the most mouthwatering delicacies that have been gathered over the years from Greek culture. Coorg cuisine is dominated with dishes prepared with Pork, Chicken and Mutton. Pork curry (Pandhi Curry), Chicken Curry, Rice Roti, Kadambuttu (Rice Dumplings) and Noolputtu (Rice Noodles) are some of the all time favourites. Bamboo – shoot curry with rice roti or wild mushroom curry with rice roti are some of the vegetarian delicacies relished by the Kodavas. A lot of coconut, curry leaves, ginger, chilli and spices like pepper and cardamom, are used in abundance. The use of wholesome doses of spices lends flavor and taste to Coorg cuisine, setting it apart from the rest. The mouth-watering traditional Kodava cuisine is the highlight of our menu. Specific food is also served on prior request.
Taxi Service:
We also provide taxi service. Picking up or dropping the guest to/from the nearest station or to visit any tourist destination can be organised at an reasonable charge.
Things to do:
If you are looking for recreation, explore the mysteries of the coffee estate with its pepper vines, cardamom plants, orange trees and other mouth-watering wild fruit trees. Trekkers have many opportunities here at Coorg. Thadiyandamol, Pushpagiri, Brahmagiri, Kotebetta, Chomakundhu, Nishanimotte are the peaks to explore. Being a scenic paradise nature lovers can even drive around the countryside.

Contact Details : Coorg Karishma Homestay, Coorg

‘Poomale’ estate,  Ikola Village, Murnad Post, Kodagu Dist., Karnataka, India, PIN: 571252
Telephone: +91-8272 , +91 9448482800
Mrs. Smita Medappa: 9480653164 | Mr. Sahas: 7760840910
E-mail: coorgkarishma@gmail.com

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